How to Make a Listing, Directory and Classified Website with WordPress – 2018 – Business Finder Theme

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Nayyar Shaikh

A Professional Blogger, YouTuber, Freelancer, WordPress enthusiast, Affiliate Marketer and Web Developer.

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  1. Better, which is business directory is better and has more advantage ? Business finder or listing pro ?

  2. Hi bloggdude! Nice tutorial.. But how can one take off the business finder logo and default theme color?

  3. Good

  4. It looks like things have changed since you made this video?

    I’m trying to follow along. I got the website from TMDHosting, but after that everything is different. cPanel isn’t available. They use Plesk and I am unable to find .htaccess to change the max upload settings. Somehow I found a way to get into some part of the site with FileZilla, but still I am unable to find .htaccess. I’m not sure I’m entering into it the correct way.

    I’ve got all sorts of security issues showing up on the site. I’ve cleared all the issues I see on Plesk dashboard, but they persist.

    Do you have any ideas that can help me?

  5. Whats all this about? to access the images you want to manage my youtube account? wants to access your Google Account
    This will allow to:
    Manage your YouTube account

  6. hi
    i need business finder theme how much price pls let me know

  7. Hi Nayyar,

    thanks for this very helpful video. I have some more questions though:

    – I created a free package and a premium paid package. A free package user has access to his profile administration (I use Easy Admin pluggin), but the premium one is denied this access. I can’t find where this is set.

    – I can’t manage to have the permalinks working as I’d like /%category%/%post-name%/.

    – how can I remove the map in the item content since it is already in the item header?

    It’d be great if you could help on those questions.

  8. hi bloggdude

    my question is are your read comments of your followers, bcz I am not received your Reply on my query….

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