How to Make a DropShipping Website with WordPress, AliDropship, WooCommerce & AliExpress – Tutorial for Beginners 2018

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Nayyar Shaikh

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  1. i cannot see any link to download image here having follow all your instruction

    1. Hi sam,
      I have the same issue infact indid everything and after importing products from aliexpress i am getting issue with variations colors as product color doesnt show on when i publish them i ttied everything.
      Do u have any solution as i am using 5.6/7 php version as recommended and woo commerce also doesnt show check out page as it shows here in the video setting it shows completely diff can u please help me if u were able to reach this faar.
      Thanks brother

  2. when you know you will not allow download of image why did you gave us a an instruction to follow no link were found in your to download images as regards your promise to continue with electro video web building

  3. now i cannot continue with this video since i dont have the necessary tools to work with i will have to stop and if no solution i will have to cancel my purchase

  4. Hi Nayyar, there’s no link to download the CSS file you mentioned in your video tutorial to download.

    1. just unzip the file you downloaded.

  5. Hi Nayyar,
    I have been trying to contact to rebuild my site. Please respond so we can discuss the prospects.

  6. bhai please contact me i really need your help want to discuss many things regarding online store. Reward will be backlinks for your site.
    email me whatsapp number:

  7. Hi
    I am Joy from kolkata . I purchase Alidropship plugin and Tech market theme by your link.
    but I am facing some problem when i installing the plugin in Tech Market themes.
    So I need your help. please provide me your number or Skype id.

  8. One question. Why do you want to manage my youtube account??
    I tried to download the free images. I subscribed to your youtube channel, but it says that I only can download them if I let you manage my account.

  9. It is just plain rude not to respond to people’s emails,you may have the knowledge but surely don’t have the people skills.

  10. Hi there,
    my name is Anwer can you please contact me or text me phone number on my email,I need some help about my website and some other stuff about dropship as well,waiting for your reply thanks.

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  12. Hello Sir your are awesome
    I likes your almost all videos
    Please make full video of dropshipping with amazon affiliate

  13. How about returning policy, who is paying for the return shipping? who will refund the customer? res-seller or original seller?

    1. Hello Frank,
      You are the re-seller, and the customer of the original seller. The original seller only knows you. The original seller did not get paid by your customer, you paid, and at a discounted rate. YOU are going to have refund your customer, so don’t run out and spend all that money.

      As for who is paying for return shipping, YOU are subject to all of the return policies of that original seller. The end user customer, is your customer, and is subject to all of your return policies as YOU indicated on your website. If you want your customer to pay for return shipping (which is advisable if not for reasons of manufacturing defect), you need to state so in your return policy. And if you can arrange for the customer to send it direct to the original source, even better. But, if there is no such possibility, or it is not at all cost effective to do so (as in China), then you will have to receive these returns domestically. After which you will subject to whatever return policy your original seller indicated.

      No pain, no gain. If you’re looking for a free ride by dropshipping, remember, there is no free ride. Sometimes, as in every business, you will have to absorb the cost of unsatisfied customers. How you handle them will determine whether you succeed.

  14. You can found actual coupons on the branded site The site is updated regularly, so all the new coupons should be there

  15. hello Nayyar, I am very first time start making a page, because of u. thank you, bro. I hope if there are any difficulties to make the site I can leave a post in your blog and get my solution.

  16. how can I get your css files Nayayar. i have already subscribed your channel.
    my mail – . please send to me. thanks.

  17. Work Steps
    1. Memory
    2. Theme
    3. Only Quick Setup WooCommerce
    4. Create Category to Import Product
    5. Edit Product
    6. Design Product
    7. WooCommerce
    8. Coupons
    8. Demo Payment
    8. Slider
    * Full Width – 600*660*324*320
    * Text – 25*18*400 –
    Padd 16*36*16*36 && Border 2px
    * Text – 82*76*500 –
    * Text – 24*22*500

    ***Timing & Animations***
    * Image 500*1300 – SmoothMaskFromLeft
    * Text 1000*1300 – LetterFlyFromLeft
    * Text 1500*1300 – LetterFlyFromTop
    * Text 200*1300 – ShortFromLeft
    * Byn 2300*1300 – LongFromLeft
    9. Home Page
    * Slider
    * Banner
    – Banner CSS – large-banner text-in-center
    – Main Banners CSS – techmarket-banner techmarket-grid-banner-1
    * Product Carousel Tabs
    – Main Tabs CSS – tab-wrap
    – Template = content-product-with-rating
    – Slides to show & Scroll 5
    – Enable Dots
    * Notice
    – CSS – stretch-full-width
    * Row Inner – STRETCH & FORCE – Equal Height
    – CSS – home-v10-banner-with-products-carousel stretch-full-width
    ** Both Cols Pad LR 0 (Col 2 BG #f5f5f5 && Padd TB 100*50)
    * Simple Banner
    * Products Carousel CSS – content-product-with-rating

    * Product Carousel Tabs
    – Limit 14
    – Row = 2 &&& Slider Per Row = 7
    – Slide to Show & Scroll = 1
    * Brand Carousel
    – Limit 12
    – Show & Scroll – 6
    10. Newsletter – Theme Footer Settings
    11. Header 8
    12. Footer & All Options
    12. Menu – Super Deals CSS sale-clr yamm-fw
    13. Contuct US
    14. Compare [techmarket_compare_page] & Track Page [woocommerce_order_tracking]
    14. Blog

    The Uploaded file exceeds the upload Max File Size Codes

    php_value upload_max_filesize 64m
    php_value post_max_size 64m
    php_value memory_limit 400m
    php_value max_execution_time 180
    php_value max_input_time 180

    Page Shortcodes

    [woocommerce_cart] – shows the cart page
    [woocommerce_checkout] – shows the checkout page
    [woocommerce_my_account] – shows the user account page
    [woocommerce_order_tracking] – shows the order tracking form

  18. Kindly let us have access to the css files you mention in the tutorials when you are filming how to design ecommerce store with alidropping plugin. Thanks bro for the lesson

  19. Nayyar, i have followed your step by step video to create a new website using wordpress but there was some complications and after purchasing the alidrop plug in. I wanted a free theme using woocommerce so I bought the alidropship woo plug in. Im not able to install it says expired. Since then I am having problems with the website, dashboard, etc. All i see is JETPACK dashboard, nothing is the same as before. I need to know how to move forward

  20. brother i don’t find product import short code

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