How to Create an Online Course, LMS, Educational Website Like Udemy using WordPress 2018 – WPLMS

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  1. Thanks Brother

  2. Hi, i have gone through the whole video for about 3 hours.
    i dont find any content download(demo content as you shown in the video).
    can you please provide us the demo content like images, text and all the raw material so that we can learn in a better way otherwise it is just waste of time for us.

    1. Thanks to him, I earn 6500 INR today with help of this tutorial. And, that too without your so call “demo content like images, text and all the raw material”. So, I can’t say it’s waste of time for me. You just have to understand how is he doing it.



  5. bro please help in emial and rating which not working how can i slove

  6. Other than that, I want make download courses only for paid? How I do that?

  7. i cant get the code. “sorry but you have not signed in , where to sign in??
    already subscribed..

  8. Hi video is great but i want to know how instructor can affiliate their course by refer code so they can earn referal commission

  9. I Cant download Free Images, Layouts and CSS.
    there is no link for download.
    please help

  10. Free Images, Layouts and CSS File Download —> [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” icon=”fa-download” target=”true”]Download[/button]

  11. link not working for css code and images

  12. not working link

  13. Hi where do I get the images and css

  14. How to add at both the end instead of View More option in a page builder for the default demo?

  15. Hi, I have drop a message for Mr Nayyar but he has yet to reply. I cannot find the images and CSS code download link. The link above shared is not working. Can anyone guide me how to not show the member, rating etc on the course? I am not building a website for online course. Thank you.

  16. Hi guys, I managed to find the images and CSS code Mr Nayyar shared. Can someone please help me with the Revolution slider? I have selected “Slider 1” from the “Select Slider” drop down list but after update and refresh my website, this error message showed ~ “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Slider not found.
    Maybe you mean: ‘Slider 1’ or ‘Slider 2’.” Anyone has the same problem? Can someone please help to advise? I am stuck here. Thank you so much.

  17. Hi Mr. Nayyar,
    how can I setup the menu for mobil devices please?
    Thank you in advance.

  18. Thank you bro!

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